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Default Re: Quit Complaining About Your Job....

My job sucks, I'm a fucking cashier at BJ's Wholesale Club. First off, the name is fucking homo...BJ's. Secondly, there are so many people that come in through there and give me all types of shit. But I don't give a fuck, fuck them. Go complain about me being rude, they don't care because I'll just say you were giving me shit about not letting you come to the express line with 30 items, bitch! And another thing, the managers (most of them) are fucking tards and assholes. I'd regulate, but I like my paycheck. One time my cell phone rang while I was on register, and one of my managers was next to me telling me something. He tells me "You know your phone is supposed to be off while you're working right?" I said, "Oh." Then I see this motherfucker 10 minutes later, on his phone laughing and giggling like a fairy. Bitch ass nigga, I'd regulate but like I said, I like my paycheck.
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