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Paula Abdul
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Fuck grasshopper

blood im slappin out you, ringin bells like nas was rappin bout u
neck brace support needed when beated ull snort like snouts do
as sure as mouths chew ull be deaded for change
and spread on the range, well, ur beheaded remains
forget what ur sayin while i slay em wit my blisterin hands
as i blissflully plan to ME(fuck) your moms, sister, and grams
see this shit that is jammed, ur gettin beat wit this thing till it kills
dig ur grave, wrap ur dome in a thorn crown, "king of the hill"
bringin the ill without a license, so im fine as Fuck
hang u outta plane wit ur wrist watch bitch ya time is up
i line em up and blast at em in size order
they can't fathom the phantoms random banter so i slaughter
each of em age ain nothin but a number
beat u in ya cage enraged then jack u like lumber
rumble royaly or otherwise auds beetin ur nose in
cuz i show kids hateful images like wonder showzen...NIIIGGGGAAA
Smack Fire.
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