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nigga you's a hot mess gather ya rhymes and work em out
i can tell that there writtens that pen jerk em out
my punches hit harder then a bowl of reinforced brick cerial
most of the shit you spit is "funny" like cartoon material
but it grows old when I grow u lucky im a child
or most of ya lines would be water type mild
this is lyrical mortal combat and the backgrounds shaded
i goudge ya eyes burrow ya chest and leave ya carcass raided
you world of warcraft type gangsta strap ya boots of protection
i calculate more math wanksta while you dont even wake with an erection
wet dreams run dry "U" can't compete with 'I' you might ask 'Y' dream towel
and theres only one reason its because you can't battle without vowels
you dare Grit ya teeth at the beast? i make ya head spin yo
keep grittin and i'll give you a fuckin dental window
teeth nerves shattered triggered uncontrolable bladder
now you leave warm wet and terribly battered
like you was fuckin 'Beer' chicken can't control the shit i'm kickin

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