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Default Tracy McGrady Said 2006 NBA Finals Is Rigged

Just saw this interview with T-Mac, regarding the Finals.
Interview starts at 5:50

Interviewer: Were you rooting for them or Dallas?
TMac: Shaq is like a big brother of mine. I have known him
for awhile so I was pulling for him. But I wanted to keep
the ring in the West so i was pulling for Dallas.

Interviewer: Yeah but Dallas, how can you root for Dallas?

TMac: Well I wanted to root for Dallas because thats the
same team we took 7 games into the playoffs a couple of
years ago, so I wanted to root for them just so everyone
knows how good they are.

Interviewer: Was it a little ridiculous how Dwyane Wade
got all the calls?

TMac: Yeah, yeah it really was. I'll tell you man, it
seems if you were watching that game, seemed like it was
rigged. Seriously. I know the NBA.... (cut off by

Interviewer: You just got fined (sarcastically)
TMac: I dont care. So what? But yeah it seemed like it
was rigged. With all the calls he was getting. Jesus. Did
you hear me? We are talking about the NBA Finals, <b>I wish
I could say I was just kidding, and thats what it seemed

Im serious alot of my friends watched the games, watched the
finals, and thats the way they say it to me. They are like,
from watching the game here, it seems like it is rigged. I
was like man, I dont know nothing about that.
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