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Default Re: your setup

I already posted pics of my room before but anyway, here they are again:

Some of my sword collection, first one is a katana, second one is a Shaolin broadsword:

There's my door, and my framed Scarface movie poster.Normally there's more framedposters, but they ain't up yet, in a second you'll see another one.Still rockin' the Forever poster on the door aswell LOL

Uhu,I'm a Horror fan, so I must have this Freddy vs. Jason collector item piece :

Cd's and DVD's (you can check them all out through the links in my signature). And yeah...another poster from Pulp Fiction guarding my door.
The two swords are another shaolin broadsword (practical) and a practical Taļ-Chi sword.:

My Chicha pipe from Tunesia and behind is a basketball ring wich I still have to hang up....ain't got time for it LOL:

And this is one of the framed movie posters I still have to place on the wall.....:
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