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Thumbs down Re: that wigga-user called sergio needs to get his ass kicked !!!!! look what he said now

Originally Posted by Princerai
Peace, i think we gotta cool this place, yo....

Sergio def said some harsh stuff, but it was retaliation to what was posted about Jesus... and u know, messin with faith aint 2 cool with everybody...

and yo, pussy... nah motherfukk u 4 a minute... callin people rich and other shit, wtf, u dont know fukkinme, or no1 in dis place... i dnt want 2 start beef.. i jus wanted 2 say, u should also keep it cool...

if u xplain ur beef slowly... and tell others not 2 go off, sergio can explain himself...
i mean he said shit bout indians... but i didnt yell, im indian inheritantly but i understood his radical point, but he said that he overreacted anyway... so its coool whatever...

no man

what the fuck ..iam beliving in jesus too - look in the thread - i said shit aint funny, i would smack those people etc - but no reason to say shit like this - how can u call ya self a follower of jesus and then say shit like this - that makes no sense at all...

this dude needs to get banned !!!!!
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