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Originally Posted by Razorsharp View Post

here's my take on this...

eD abuses users and posts offensive material, he gets users pissed off and such, when eD posts something, people take it to the heart, when OTHER users post shit, they take it lightly... for this reason, i do not know why...

Ben, i think you should reinforce the rules, which you are doing a good job right now, but that means on EVERYONE my friend...i mean sure, eD posts get annoying after awhile and offensive, but he is not the only one that posts stuff like this.... you should implicate the rules on every user... dont jus pick on eD cuz u dont like him personally...

im not taking a side... at least i dont think i am...

eD's posts are annoying to me as well as any member on the board, some other posters also share the same mentality, but dont get called out like eD did...

jus make it fair is all im saying...we need new members tho forreal..


i co-sign to that...

i dont find edwards posts or comments any more agitating that others i see around here. ed can be a dick... but then again so can we all. razor is on point with the equal modding opportunities.. i see tons of shit that are violations but often get overlooked...

i believe the team is doing well ... we should just tighten shit up a bit.

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