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Default cricket world cup 2007

there is nothing better than spending the day watching cricket & smoking joints
what makes things even better is if you south african because we the best we fucking all you up australia included fuckin punks
no australians plays cricket like a bunch of bitches they stand in your face they fuck the ball up they do evrything in the legal power to fuck the game up
it's cool though because we south africans you catch on that shit we will fuck you up after the match we going to gang rape ponting give him some of this african dick
so far we just been very unlucky if it's not the fuckworth system or alot of our playes suspended or fucked or we banned from playing that's about to change
we taking the cup with force if we have to
anyone who dissagrees can suck my dick south africa is & always will be the best
just to back my shit up i will leave you with this
amla - a muslim who plays with supreme consintration
ntini - a zulu who plays like a warrior
gibbs - a coloured kid who smokes more weed than me his going to fuck you up he so confident in us he is even getting married during the tournement
pollok - the sharpest motherfucker in the game ya'll know the rest i don't need to explain shit ya'll know what's up
we taking it & there is nothing no one can do if you don't like it then quit watching cricket you bitch mother fucker
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