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i think the up side is that pakistan got to play with us so in a way it can prepare them properly for the world cup they shouldn't worry too much about winning instead try out all their players so that they can see who's in form give the ones that need rest rest
pakistan is not a team to underestimate if they can get their shit together in time for the world cup
what i like most about cricket is that it is so unpredictable evrything must be taken into consideration as much as what it is a physical game it's a mind game
our captain is still very young it's going to be a difficult task for him to bring us the cup even though we in good form there is still a bit of a hickup with our lower order batsman but with pakistan & india that just left we getting a chance to iron that out before the world cup begins also we are doing alot of changes in the team to see who's ready to go
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