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Oh oh, you got me started! I'll just stick to movies ey?

Ghost In The Shell

Just classic. And still a great watch after all the years.

Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence
Almost unbelievably, a worthy sequel!

Again, classic. A must see. Whether you like anime or not. This was an utterly groundbreaking production.

Vampire Hunter D
He hunts vampires. Awesome.

Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade
One great, messed-up story. Maybe ten years old, and very fitting for our current time. Awesome animation, story, and a fantastic English dub to boot!

Cowboy Bebop: The Movie
Just a great fuckin' movie. One of the all-time best.

Action out it's arse. One hell of an entertaining movie from '98. Even if the ending got a bit...hmmm. Nah, it's great.

The Castle of Cagliostro
Fuckin' awesome. Fast-paced, funny, action-packed, and contains what Steven Spielberg thinks is the greatest car chase ever. By Hiyao Miyazaki. (Dodgy ad from Aussie TV, sorry)

Princess Mononoke
Probably one of my favourite ever movies. Just wow. Does Miyazaki do anything wrong?

Ninja Scroll
A must see. Just wow. Am I ever happy that we got it played on TV uncut over here! By the dude who did the action scenes for Afro Samurai.

Streetfighter II: The Animated Movie
Surprisingly good! Especially if you like the game. The Vega, Chun Li fight is a classic.

Patlabor 2
A giant robot movie that's not really about giant robots. I fuckin' loved this, moreso the second time. Numbers 1 and 3 are also good. But 2's the best.

Blood: The Last Vampire
Very short, but very good!

...Well, that'll be enough for now I reckon. I dare say I'll be back with more though...

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