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Theology is a compound of two Latin words: theos meaning God and logos meaning the study of. Science comes from the Latin root scio which means to know. A Scientific Theology is thus the study of God based on empirical knowledge: actual facts.

Many believe that it is impossible to "know God." They say his nature is such that the human mind could never comprehend Him. According to scripture/prophets God desires to be known.

According to a hadith of Prophet Muhammad, Allah said, "I was a hidden treasure; I wanted to be known. Hence, I created the world so that I might be known."

Quetzacoatel, Black God of Mexico

Godfrey Higgins, Anacalypsis: An Inquiry Into the Origins of Languages, Nations, and Religions states, "We have found the Black complexion or something relating to it whenever we hae approached the origin of nations. The Alma Mater, the Goddess Multimammia, the founders of the Oracles, the Memnon of first idols, were always Black. Venus Jupiter Apollo Bacchus hercules Asteroth Adonis Horus Apis Osiris and Amen: in short All the deities were black."

All of the ancient civilizationsof the Black Man and Woman understood that the Most High conveyed himself through the body of the Black Man.

Anthropomorphism, a Greek word coming from anthropos meaning man and morphe meaning form.

Manley P Hall, in Man: Grand Symbol of the Mysteries, says: "Eusebius, on the authority of Porphyry, wrote that the Egyptians acknowledged one intellectual author or creator of the world; that they worshipped him in a human form and dark blue complexion blue-black..."
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