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My first anime was Voltron as well. That was...shit...first grade at primary school! Everyone watched that. Classic.

After that (well after that), the next one I got into was Teknoman (or Tekkaman, or Technoman). Still one of my favourite series' to this day. The only thing that could get me out of bed at 7am as a kid! It was a lot like Guyver, I s'pose. I recommend it to anyone.

...Damn! I knew I wasn't going to be able to stick to only movies! Oh well, prepare to be geeked-out...

Yeah, Berserk was pretty bloody sweet. One brutal series.
Here's the first episode (in three parts) for anyone interested.

As for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, I entirely agree. Fuckin' awesome flick.

Rahxephon and Dai Guard though, I have no idea about. Although I have heard good things about Rahxephon.

Expect some more recommendations for anime movies and series from me soon...

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