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Originally Posted by B O T View Post
^^you saying this albm has a suicidal vibe to it?
not really

its just got a real bleak vibe

no playfulness at all

its all about fleeting victories in a world going down in flames

it couldve used a couple tracks like Pinky Ring

its possible to be deep and still be upbeat

just like the Think Differently album - the saving graces on there were the first track wiff GZA and Ras Kass, the solo track by Del, and the two tracks near the end by CCF and RA/J-Live

if you had taken out ANY of those tracks, that album would have been like staring out the window on a grey overcast rainy day

there is a lot of silver lining
even in Detroit

MF Doom is a walking testament that you can speak on the horrors of the world and still be easy breezy
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