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Default Re: The official kill the guy above you thread

check it out u piece of shit, your pussy with that mixture of smelly fish, I come with this big fucking strap and hit you like a bitch,get on your knees i'm torturing you like hitlers army did, I strap you so hard you could say I'm a retard, not giving a fuck even your Papa could see it after I taped the scene with a camera, I killed you right there and made you eat my dogs caca with a cracka..but I killed you with a big fucking strap u little blind bat, I made u see horror and u died with a strap inside ya ass, I also made u eat grass... yeahhh! know that im a retard for real ... now your dead on the floor , boom bop that gravediggaz horrorcore! I'm dancing with your dead body and lets do the twist ,my one two step is sick..I'll take the big fucking strap out and replace it with a rubber dick! in your ass that is! put your dead body back on the ground , move it all arround! I'm jumpping up and down , oh I forgot to tell you that i'm also dressed as a clown!
Wu-tang is one thing that made my life more interresting lol. RZA inspires me. And to all of you people living with negativity inside yourselves...remember that if God is for us, who can be against us?
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