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Default Re: The official kill the guy above you thread

turnin up tha volume on channel 3, i pig tied this nigga in close proximity to tha tv,
it was easy, i stood on his feet and put barrel between his rotten widsom teeth,
a second strap on his left eye lid, read tha bretta imprint from earlier's pistol whip,
this faggots still tryin ta talk shit, i saw em lookin at his pet turtle so i killed it,
taught um about catchin feelings then cherry pied his brains on tha ceiling

fuck you sicka, keep my name out ur mouth, startin shit with everybody u wack ass chump take them faggot rhymes another place

peace and respect to the rest of wu corp, big ben, proof, skale, on point and ronin, real shit!!!!

next weapon- a feather
"ya'll niggas can't be serious, i was nice before ice, before christ, before the the words let there be light, and the light took over the night, i was born wit the mic, lord of the mic before all plant and animal life, took this rap shit to new heights before the wright brothers took flight, before dogfightin' and aerial strikes, before mc's picked up pens and started to write" - Canibus
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