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your so fugly no bitch wants to fuck you
so fugly not even a lollipop would suck you
it took one lick from my sword to enter your center
syliva so hot, nigga can't handle the pressure
rumors of death threats, is now reality
your destiny, son, battling fatality
here known as m.x. one, that one nigga
m.x. end your life in a second, like i'm a trigger
just pull me into a battle
your fucking neck i dismantle
in the herd your a calf, when i'm the chief beef
confident in yourself, you just lost all your belief
dick ride yourself, wit a home made sattle
i slaughter you first, fucking you up like departed did babel (like in the oscar's)
i install my bars into your head
i'd receive better punches from battling k-fed
feedings allowed but i can't be digested
you throw up your words, floating like alphabet soup been perfected
i'm as offending as speeches given by a sceptic
bag your head, so you leak no more brain cells
pre-meditate blood spill so i leave no trails
torture put in each letter, reach to your computer
your typing slowed down by bent back fingers
no longer can you carry a mic.
i sting you in the heart wit my dart like irwin, niggas last word is crike! (steve irwin the croc hunter)
no more albums like the 36 no more
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