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Default Re: Does Geometry prove a God's Existence?

Peace to the initiator of this thread, as this is indeed a most fascinating subject.

To put it plainly, mathematics--geometry, especially--is the only truly universal language-science. Numbers cannot and will not lie, and so anything (whether a temple, planet, or even a galaxy) built on a truly sound, mathematical foundation has an unbreakable foundation.

Moreover, anything found in nature can be qualified and quantified in mathematical terms. By familiarizing one's self with Sacred Geometry, one will realize that a certain underlying system of proportions governs absolutely everything in existence, thusly revealing that even in nature--which is truly chaotic at best--everything is manifest in a precise and ordered manner. This inherently proves the existence of a Supreme Being, commonly referred to most as God.

The signs of God's benevolent existence are absolutely ubiquitous, for those wise enough to reflect. How many signs will you deny?

Moreover, how many pagan heathens will ignorantly and irrationally attempt to hinder the wisdom in this reply from illuminating perusing minds?

Peace to the Wu for bringing the site back online.
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