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Default Re: Official Freestyle Thread

if I took forever it would just make it better than ever but I left that for my new 16 bar verse this freestyle thread gets severed as quickly as a guilty head in a guilitine and 8 seconds later your last thought is better him than me so less is more than free pay for your soul from me played with your sword swing teknique and got your words ripped oooh wee newly formed energies cordially invite you to bleed I got the method like Methodist churches youd just rather take speed I have to take things rape kings and make queens outta they seeds break away from me and say you hate the way I sing
like ODB on pcp crack and weed a forty ounce of OE and pour some out and dumb out
I aint run out but Im up in this keepin it goin if I stop I might drop but Ima keep it flowin

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