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Originally Posted by CEITEDMOFO View Post
Just Beat It
You mean like Michael Jackson ?? LOl. Just kidding.

Nice thread by the way. Shemsu Elohim is dropping mad knowledge about the astrial plane and dreams being related to the egos. All that shit is true. See you can hide from yourself or your deep inner emotions while your awake, but not when you sleep. The dark side or the subconscious mind takes over then. There is light on both sides though, subconscious and concious. Just like their is darkness, negativity, (or evil) on both sides as well.

Don't be afraid of evil or the darkness though their just negative emotions. And you'd be surprised cause the light can cut both ways too like a double edge sword. Love is not always good, pretty, or positive either. That is why the buddah says we must be above our egos or emotions which say this or that is good or bad. Love can also destroy and be very depressing. Hate can sometimes make us strong, and again Love can sometimes make you very depressed or down as well. Hence, no one emotion is ever completely positive or negative and move or constantly change from one to the other.

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