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Originally Posted by Black Man View Post
Gabriel...who over a period of 27 years revealed the totality of the Holy Qur'an to the Prophet. It is generally assumed that the angel Gabriel was some spooky being with wings or something that is other than a man. The Prophet and the Holy Qur'an says differently: the angel Gabriel was a Man.

Qur'an 19:17 "Then We sent to her (Mary) Our spirit and it appeared to her as a Well-Made MAN."

It's also noted in a Hadith, "the Angel comes to me in the likeness of a MAN and speaks to me and I retain in memory what HE says."

Gabriel, according to the Encyclopedia of Islam means "Man of God." It goes on to say "as a rule he appeared as an ordinary strong man...wearing two green garments and a silk turban on a horse."
It says he appeared IN THE FORM of a man. Clearly stating he had changed his appearance for the time. It says IN THE LIKENESS of a man. Not, "A man came to me named Gabriel." It was an angel in the form of a man. Everyone knows that angels have been given the ability to appear in various forms, as they are beings of light. Not earth like you and me.

It's not generally assumed that Gabriel is an angel, Gabriel IS an Angel. Check The Torah and The Book of Enoch if you don't want to check what's left of The Gospel. And why does anything relating to the unseen have to be "spooky"?? If Gabriel is a man, then what does that make Micheal, Raphael, and Uriel? The 4 well-dressed men instead of The 4 ArchAngels?

All this is, is another attempt to distort the message of TRUE Islam to what you would like it to be. It makes all of no sense.

Why don't you post the Hadith that tells of when Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) told Khadejah's (RA) uncle about Gabriel? Her uncle told him, "This is the same being who spoke with Moses (peace be upon him), Ji'brail." Now, you mean to tell me that it was a MAN that spoke to Moses and also Muhammad (peace be upon them) and when he gets to Muhammad (pbuh), he looks the exact same way he did all those years ago when he spoke to Moses (pbuh)??

It makes no sense.

So, not only are you trying to tell me that men of flesh and blood, who are in no way immortal, are gods, but that Angels are now men.

Peace. Cuz no matter what you dream up, the truth is slow-walkin' you down.
"Die before you die."-Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)

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