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Default Re: The official kill the guy above you thread

ima pile all wannabe rappers who dont realase theyre really wack
ima climb on that hill and crown myself the king and shove iron flag on highest bodys ass crack
so p. fights the way to be da undisputed king of the hill
with yo last breaths only thing youll see is me tearing ya bitch flesh and making the kills youll see how down the hill youre blood spills
last words outta ya bitch mouth will be pegging for mercy
p gotta be crazy mass murder bitch rappers they aint shit just actors
learn the lesson im always on point
ya think ya hot talking shit smoking that oregano-joint
ima make u hot burn ya ass pour gaseline on the shit then lay the cutted wire
it will start 10 000 degree fire
people vomit the smell is so bad
last thing standin on the body pile will be my iron flag

next: barbwire

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