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Originally Posted by Black Man View Post
Many who have heard the teaching of the NOI/5%/NGE dismiss their teachings as an extreme display of racial understandable reaction to centuries of racial degradation at the hands of white society. The teaching of the NGE (man being god, the blackman) is backed up by scripture and acknowledged by all the Prophets of God.

Who is God? Answering the question of Who is God is of paramount importance to the whole world. It is of particular importance to Black people (black, brown, yellow) because in doing so, we solve the mystery of our own beginning. Current evolutionary theory, while acknowledging the first humans were "probably" black, place the origin of these aboriginal Black people in the tree hopping primates of Africa. They say when the Blackman today looks at his reflection in a mirror, what he is seeing is nothing more than an advanced ape.

It's time to revisit the teachings of the Honorable elijah Muhammad. The question his doctrine raised in regards to the nature of God absolutely must be answered if Black people are going to have a true knowledge of themselves. Coming on the heels of the Era of Afrocentricity, during which invaluable information was uncovered and dispensed showing the greatness of our "African" past. But through it all, we are no closer to a true Knowledge of Self because the Afrocentric movement refused to address the question of God. The Afrocentric movement was never tangent. Regardless of how learned we are in African history, how many kings we can name or contributions to civilization we can cite, until we can correctly answer the question of Who is God we will never cross the threshold of true Knowledge of Self.

Man is God, the Blackman is God!

The average god-fearing individual reacts vehemently against such teaching of God being a human being. It is believed by most Jews, Christians, Muslims, and others that god is a spirit independent of flesh. The Bible teaches that during this time, His true reality would not be known until the End of Time.

Revelation 10:7
But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he begins to sound, THE MYSTERY OF GOD SHOULD BE FINISHED, as He hath declared to his servants the prophets.

A mystery is that which is unknown. God's reality was unknown for thousands of years and was to remain so until the Seventh Angel sounded in the Last Days. the masses who worshipped God prior to the sounding of the Seventh Angel would be worshipping other than His true reality; that would be unknown to them.

In 1931 the Seventh Angel sounded and the mystery was finished. God came out of "hiding" and as expected the world stood in offended shock and consternation by the revelation. Over seventy years have now passed and emotions have subsided. It is now time to look at this teaching in a scholarly scienfitic and theological manner.
oh I see, lets look but no discussion, I mean if you were aiming for that you'd make a thread about it on an internet forum

Originally Posted by Shropsher_Slasher View Post
I don't believe much of the book of revelations, because a lot of it is questionable, if not flat out false. Therefore, I don't know about any seals. In The Qur'an, we're told that there will be one trumpet sounded and it will be sounded twice. First sounding, everything and everyone in the world will die. The mountains will be reduced to sand, the sky will be rolled up like a scroll and the heavens will be rent asunder. Second sounding, the dead rise from the graves for questioning. If I were you, I'd check the scriptures in chronological order, The Book of Enoch, The Psalms, The Torah, The Gospel, The Qur'an, then see what similarities there are and go on those. Since all but the last have been tampered with, I recommend going from Qur'an first, then The Book of Enoch and so forth, because The Book of Enoch is the second scariest revelation next to The Qur'an in my opinion.
word, any recommended spots for obtaining the Book of Enoch? Didn't he gain entry into Heaven without tasting death?

Originally Posted by Black Man View Post
the first post does not ask for a theological discussion.
Right, it just says that we should look at it. Why do you choose not to answer the question I've presented though?

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