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yo cilva peace man for doing the interview. Really looking forward to the album, if its coming out in the states in june i might have to break my word and order off the site.

In songs like "Gold Bell Cover" and "Man, Woman, and Child" you speak on alot of yin/yang type stuff. Did you ever study the Tao?
No I didn’t. I spoke on that stuff back then because I was imitating the Clan too much without knowing what the fuck they actually meant. Once I got to the point I had to speak on who I was and what I stand for, everything changed lyrically and I found out I had some big differences with the Clan and certain aspects of their messages which they promoted for years. It was good that the fans were talking down on my heavy use of words like ‘swords’ and ‘chopping necks’ and shit like that, cos I wasn’t saying anything. Just another dude trying to sound like his big brothers. But I was young, still in Wu-Tang fan mode, and eventually grew out of that.
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