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Originally Posted by Charging Soldier View Post
Watcha you mean far fetched? You mean you never did shady jobs for the CIA to get your brother out of prison? That shit happens all the time in the hood. Just like killing 100 black guys all dressed in the exact same clothing, only to come back to the same neighbor hood an hour later to kill a hundred more......kinda reminds me of that time I got shot 10 times before bareley making it into a Pizza Hut to save my health................lucky there was body armor hidden in that alley way by the dumpster, near the mysterious floating package.......
HAHAHAHA! yeh happens all the time

didnt know there was a trailer coming out. or that there would be a count down to it! its gotta be a pretty good trailer if it gets its own count down! my mates lil bro told me bout it yesterday which is good as i feel i dont have to wait as long to see it as i only just found out about it

there onyl like a couple hours left now. cant imagine how many people tonight are gonna be watchign that trailer
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