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heh heh.
You have just described the nightmare scenario for the skilled player.

Freerolls are a crapshoot. Undoubtedly there are very many bad players in freerolls. There is also no doubt that a spattering of good-very good players is in the tourny as well. So how do you approach this? Well you could try to pinpoint your opponents play, and figure out what type of player each one is, but that approach is futile early in a big tournament as so many players are dropping and moving tables. The likelihood that you stay with the same table with the same players for very long is slim. So instead of trying to concentrate on the types of player each individual player is, lump them all into one catagory. Bad. Then, as the tourny goes on, you can label those that can actually play by using your notes feature. (in freerolls bad players outnumber good players by at least 3-1) Then, if you or they are moved, you can see the label later if you are once again returned to the same table. Good players are pretty easy to spot. They are the ones not over or under betting. they use moves like the checkraise and smooth call to trap. REMEMBER: anyone who uses a minimum raise preflop is a bad player. anyone who way overbets the pot is also bad player in most cases. In the first case the raiser is trying to raise the amount in the pot without getting any information. This does not increase the chances of winning the hand. It only makes the pot juicier for your opponents to suck out on you. In case 2, the player has no interest in what you have at all. All he cares about is blowing you off the hand or gambling for all his money. He'll let the cards beat you because he can't outplay you. Case 2 is the most frequent occurrence. They see the game as a complete gamble and are willing to roll the dice constantly. You can choose to avoid these players and sit on your stack, but you will find that in short order you are sitting at a table full of monster stacks. You have to gamble, and they want you to. That being said, you are never a bigger favorite to win than preflop. Chances are the hands they will be pushing with aren't that great anyway so feel free to come over the top all-in with hands like AK AQ AA KK QQ JJ TT and 99. But don't fall into the trap of seeing too many flops. The more you play, the greater the chances of being busted, and these guys like to bust you with any kind of draw, even backdoor. Don't look for logic when playing bad players and don't expect remorse for absolutely abysmal plays that bust you. In order to survive a freeroll you must dodge every trap, play and cooler that comes your way, even the ones you don't see coming. because most of the players in the tourny have the same mindset, try this approach.... Gamble more early, especially with good-great hands preflop. When nearing the money change up your game to super-tight especially when you have a chip total which is at risk of going broke. This period usually weeds out the badder players who risk at the wrong time and go broke.

This approach for freeroll tournaments is almost exactly the opposite tactic as a rebuy tournament. A small change in the type of tournament can be enough to change your approach completely.
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