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Originally Posted by LORD_BEATJITZU View Post
"wu-tang Style" is actually from shaolin vs. wu tang! movie
There are two movies who both say "wu-tang style" the ones from 36 chambers are from Shaolin Vs. Wu-tang,
but the ones on Iron Flag except Back in the Game are from Holy Robe of Shaolin! Not sure why the one from 36 chambers says its from holy robe of shaolin.

I actually showed the unknown film samples in another thread on this site.

From the above thread see below....

from Iron Flag. Sample 2,4 & 8 are from Holy Robe of shaolin. Which at the time I only had the subtitled version but it seemed to fit based of the music. HA.

Uncontrolled susbtance. The sample is from Cantonen Iron Kung Fu.

Supreme clientelle. A sample I did not list. "my god so they are killers, I've heard lots of people say once a man's a killer they just keep on killing and killing. They sort of devlope a taste for blood. yeah thats right. they kill one man or kill ten it's all the same, after all it's the only thing you will want, yeah...."

this is from the shaw brothers movie "the savage 5"

PEACE and god damn it mods make this tread a sticky!

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