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Originally Posted by 100pr00f
cool list so what are Method Man ... Shaolin vs. Lama ...The Prodigal Son ...all about i might want these movies in my collection
Weml, u know these Kung Fu flicks, they're practically all bit the same.

Method Man is about a young kung fu student who travelles along with his uncle performing in an acrobate act. His father was killed by this guy and now he meets his fathers murderer again and plans to take revenge.

Shaolin vs. Lama is just classic Kung-Fu cinema, a must have.It's all about a Kung-Fu master that travels through China in search for another Kung-Fu Master who's able to beat him. Eventually he stumbles upon a young Shaolin monk who takes him to his Master (a funny old Master Roshi type of guy LOL), ofcourse he refuses to train him but when the Shaolin Temple get's in war with the Lama temple, he's willing to train him.

Very nice movie, Wu-Tang sampled some lines "Alow me to demonstrate the skill of Shaolin, the special technique of Shadow Boxin' " and "Were you just using the Wu-Tang school medal against me? "I learned so many styles, forgive me." You'll enjoy this one.

The Prodigal Son is about a guy, a richman's boy who thinks he's a good kung-fu master,but infact his father bribes all his oponents to lose against him. When he learns the truth he finds himself a new Master.

Very nice movie aswell.

Gotta check them out.
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