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big fuckin deal, my best friend killed himself 2 years ago at school even, shot himself in the chest with a .357 magnum, blow a good size hole about 2 of my fists inda was like alil bomb going off inside of him, i saw him laying outside dead, cause i didnt have a 1st hour, i use to go in a 2nd - 6th, short days, but i didnt know till afeter 5th that my friend wellsoem guy really Manuel told me it was James, i freeked out, went into shock, skipped class and called my parents, beacuse me my mom and dad were close to him, i went and ate lunch with the office, acuse i was in shock so bad, i couldnt even cry, i was just petrified, but after lunch i went to class and broke down, i was cryin for a few weeks, but yeh....its nothing, shit happens

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