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Default Re: Your polar extreme CDs...

Mobb Deep - Hell on Earth
Tobey Mac - J-Train Remix CD

Lemme explain this Tobey Mac a bit... Some dudes that go to school with me got their own band together and when they started out they couldn't get a gig anywhere but this christian rock place, but they're not a christian rock band. They did their thing and opened up for a couple christian bands and the crowd was kinda stunned, but in between performances they passed out random religious stuff like pro life t-shirts and books on celibacy. I was lucky enough to catch a copy Tobey Mac (I think that's dude's name) CD of rare remixes *sarcasm*. It's a christian rap CD and I finally got the courage to listen to it... as a joke of course, and it had me laughing sooooooooooooo hard. I recommend anyone out there to actually try and listen to some christian rap, it's pretty hilarious.
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