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Default Re: Official Most Painful Thing that occured today thread


well, i got soap in my eye this morning..umm, i run into the corners of walls somtimes, i walk wierd somtiems, when i dun have my glasses somtimes, so when i like turn in a hall or go into my room or somthing, i hit the corner edges of the walls and the entrences, like a shoulder check, ya know, thats common but i ignore it and keep going, but i hate that shit when kids think they're bad ass and do it at shcool, one time some kid shoulder checked me, and i was droppin out that day, i was gettin my books turned in and i was just leaving and some kid strait up shoulder checked me with all my books i was carrying, they didnt fall out but i turned around and said "wtf's your problem pussy" and he looked at me and said "what bitch" and he like didnt do shit, cause hes a pussy, he siad somthing tho when i shoulder checked me, he goes, whatch where your going bitch, but he couldnt stand to his word, just a punk.....


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