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hollywoodrealty grasshopper

my words cure cancer, inhale them into your lungs
drinken wine and eaten breadcrumbs until my heads numb
you dont want none, back away behind the baricades
before my swat team throws hand grenaids filled with pepper spray
leave u blinded, scarred for life as a daily reminder
finder's keepers, loser's weepers, as i creep up behind ya
and steal away the spotlight, you got butter fingers
ive got bloody fingers from chocken you, left you limber
watch me kick shit, i got steal toe timberlands
if u see me coming u better talk to god and make amends
and say amen, bcuz your about to get baptised
actually its more like the opposite, your about to get chastised
but see i gotta get paid fully... whether its truthfully or untruthfully.
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