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check it, this competition is easy nigga i spit lines all day/
dude tried makin a new record like diddy, so they called it No Play/
nigga i suflet ya soul train, no flow i fry this chicken like he was made for the soul plane/
ya new name is nevermind, or maybe never the same/
herd his new movie came out, called it Never Got Game/
seen ya new girl, only picked u cuz she never got laid/
u aint gettin gwap til the new definition is never got paid/
u sittin like brady quinn waitin for a call in the draft/
if rap had teams, niggas lucky u aint got picked last/
MX1 thought he was top 3, but new york GOT a prodigy/
not from mob deep, but i leave u shook ones try and body me/
kingsbridge reppin, aint no queen niggas livin here/
retreat to coney island soon as ur nose sniffs fear/
peace and one love homey i got no beef just a peer/
its all gravy unless i lose so believe im still near/

get at me wenever son, dont gotta match my lines.
"i got drug spots from NY to Canada/
cuz Big L b fuckin wit more keys then a janita/"
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