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R.I.P. Big L
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yo when i say peace, i mean for you to rest
your body fluid decrease, brain releases stress
funeral dull, not even the priest blessed
fam some cheap ass niggas, street clothes they dressed
only thing you ever "added" to was shit
submit your trash, i got the transmit
and killed you with a tool without a permit
wu corp all day, you must be unfit
a loser who front online so only his rep split
i'm your "cuzin" so i fucked you up from the inside
sharing blood, but i refuse to provide
take QUEENsbridge i'm a king and thats worldwide
i'll hire you as a jester, and put a whipping to your side
put bells on your "hat", so i can know when your "coming"
fucking your mom, i promised you i'd never stop sonning
cut your fingers off so you start thumbing
shit so much on yuh, i had to start plumbing
no more albums like the 36 no more
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