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Default DVD Collection

Chappelle Season 2 - Bonus DVD is laugh-out-loud hilarious.
Lost In Translation - Classic movie.
Internal Affairs - Haven't seen it yet
Black And White - Great movie without proper dialogue, storyline, and plot.
Boondock Saints - Haven't seen it yet.
Disciples of The 36 Chambers - Classic Wutang Clan concert.
Belly - Hype bitching about the studio cutting most of the film is priceless.
Nas: God's Son Live - Great concert.
Thicker Than Water
Kill Bill Volume 1&2 - I'm infactuated with this movie.
Legend of The Wu Tang Clan
Blade Trinity - Haven't seen it yet
Heat - Classic, Classic movie.
25th Hour - Great movie.
Taking Lives
Requiem for a Dream - Deep Movie
Queen of The Dammed
The Killer
Fast and The Furious
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