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Default Re: NFL Thread

No love for Dallas anyone? Big Cowboys fan here!

Although with the way things have been going lately...perhaps I shouldnt be so proud!

Guess you either love em or hate em....although we are lucky to have Parcells (at least I still think at this point and we will see how the rest of this year goes)

I dont know how to do it..but someone should post a picture of Parcells because that is a funny looking mofo...he always has his pants hiked up to his elbows and shit!!

I hate the Steelers (sorry Inspetah~Deck)....Although you are probably right that they will be pretty good this year. I actually do really like Big Ben...that guys is going to take you places I think. I just hate the steelers because the fans here in my town are fucking annoying bastards....I mean I love football...but no need to be an asshole ya know?

All in good fun though...I am gettin psyched to watch that shit though. Oh, and yes T.O. is just a fucking dumbass...all that shit about needing more money...I mean I understand why that agent Drew is trying to get money for his clients..that is his job and shit........but T.O. is straight greedy and that could easily be his downfall in the end.

I seriously doubt the Eagles do give him more money...I think it is a pretty strict policy of theirs to not renegotiate...which they better not or else everyone else is going to be knocking on their door!

Yay to the NFL...should be a fun year!!
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