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ok...u need different tools to make a complete theme.

you can change aksmost everything in your psp's xmb:
wallpaper, icons, battery, volumebar, sounds, loading icon...

the menu gfx is already complete, as you can see. and i got some nice wu-sounds when you move arround in the menu , accept/cancel ... like swordsounds and quotes

what i have to do right now:

make a coldboot ( the little thing u see when u turn on your psp)
i hope i'll get it to work like it suppose to do tomorrow.

gameboot (the video u see, when u start a game)
i'm working at this one at the moment. i cut various 2 sec. clips out of wu-videos. i need to make a new soundlayer for them and so on...

still things to do, but i'll post it here if it's realy complete (with all stuff working,different wallpapers, different gameboots...maybe different sounds for the menu.


gfx mod? do u know if i can get the real wu-tang font somewhere. the one i use at the moment is cool, but it would be nice if i could use the real one.

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