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you can get it if you come over here i'll post it here if i have done everything i want, like i posted. as there were many questions about my theme maybe i have to say something first:

you can use this kind of theme only on a modded firmware called OE. like 3.30-OE or 3.40-OE. i don't know what firmwares you use, but YOU CAN'T USE THIS with OFFICIAL SONY firmware.

and no, it will never be made for ps3. i don't have a ps3 and don't know if there is custom firmware for ps3. also i would have to make new icons, cus of the much higher resolution.

as i said: i'm working on a full theme and there are still things missing.

if someone doesn't know about custom firmwares like 3.30-OE or 3.40-OE ask questions and tell me what firmware you use at the moment. if u didn't use your psp for a half year, plz DON'T upgrade to the latest firmware from sony, IF u want to use this theme
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