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hollywoodrealty grasshopper

editor, preditor, slice u up like im shredder
you cant put holes in me like swiss cheese, naw son im chedder
my baretta sprays with no delays in many different ways
god cant hear u pray, i bet u had better days
hocus pocus, you cant poke this like pillsberry
the dough boy, oh boy, put holes in u cannery's
from january to decemember, kid i remember
the pain and suffering, no bluffen, get dismembered
any contender who wants a piece, put up your dukes
ill beat down you clowns and u know its not a fluke
go grab your flute, mother fuckers we got trumpets
when we blow these horns, you get scorn, dont try to bump it
we got tuba's that shred u apart like baricuda's
and german sheppards that act more like german luhga's
but see i gotta get paid fully... whether its truthfully or untruthfully.
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