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Default Re: London Bombings Staged....

well at the moment england arent in fear from terror and seeing as tthey got the usa were they want they gonna try and get us all into fear by bombing there own peoples.

but the thing is, yanks dont know how england is for the most part, it is going to take a lot more than a couple of bombings to put england in fear. mabye it wasent them though, mabye it was them a-rabs, fuck knows but it is very posaible it was set up but i think this time it wasent a plan to put fear of terror into the public but easily could be.

Originally Posted by oo2
me and the boys already got a plan in case something like this gonna happen. they cant do shit to us...... but anyway.... it's shit. pure

if it was to happen, i feel in todays world people will die b4 being a slave for them, we been prepared for this kind of shit without knowing, by all ya role models, strong speakers over time, they bring the fight out in you when you remember there words and actions. i think we have to many people that will fight right now for there plan to go nicely like it did for the nazis back then. and they wont kill everyone, they need somone to rule over, thats there whole mission.
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