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Default Re: Is Common's "BE" a classic by today's standards??

If COMMON's BE came out in would just be a good album.....nothing more........but in 2005 it is getting hailed as a classic, beacuse it is rare today when rappers on major labels but out albums that are formulated to get play on radio and to appeal to demographics (ie forced singles).........back in the 1990's it was more about just putting out albums with dope beats/ you have to have the forced radio I guess Magazines and critics are desperate to call an album a classic, and Common's fits the bill in that it actually sounds like a consise album. Like how many true classics have come out in the 2000's??? not many compared to weekly classics coming out in the 1990's

I kind of rambled, but I think Common's BE is just a really good album.......not classic.......does it hold up to READY TO DIE, 36 CHAMBERS, OBCL, ILLMATIC, you decide
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