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Default Re: The official kill the guy above you thread

creep through my doors you wannabe scientist ^, my lab is smelling like mice and piss,as you enter a room with computer data, lab mice with blood red eyes are looking at ya, making horrible squeekie noises of death cause the last thing they ate was a 13 inch torantula , I saw u enter my lab with my surveillance cameras, shut the lights off in the whole building , your scared now wondering 'what the fuck is happening ?!', your hearing the squeeks of mice even loader, and I'm sick so I give them human blood at the 7th hour, let them loose with my equipement, I could see u panic! red eyes all over u with a deadly virus, one bite could mean your life and theres thousands...all over you! mother fucker you died right there 'cause u chose to! breaking in my lab u didn't know what the hell u were going through, lab mice with blood red eyes ate you, I'm going to have to clean the little pieces of crap on the floor knowing it once was u!

next weapon ------------> CHUCKY !
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