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Default Re: its been a week, here's what i suggest

Orginally posted and also deleted by Sicka:

thanks for the compliment hater...where's all your bright ideas.........oh yeah, u only had one,..."put your suggestions in a weekly thread"

fukin bisquit head, tha hell did u get put in charge??.....your dead weight. at least some of us contribute. nice sig by the way, i thought i heard the teletubbies were homosexual an thats why the show got canned.

your all 2 faced, ive never insulted u. an i dont know why i just did cuz your useless an u know it an mad members have pointed it out......i like wu tang, i luv wu tang.....if your gonna be wu tangs forum employee, start developing shit........i know mad cats that can help u with this forum...u dont have to be an admin to adjust shit...

oh well thanks again 2face.1
I never said that I don't like you. I don't like your posts. You just keep posting the same things over and over and over and over. You always ask the same things and say the same things. And me and 36chambers always reply: WE CANT DO SHIT CAUSE THERE IS NO ADMIN.

But I can tell you this 100 times over and over, you gonna post the same shit again and again in the near future... It's pointless.

And I love the Wu, I would love to see this page shine like the page did in 2002 and 2003. But there is no admin! And the people who can arrange some shit for WTC aint doing nothing... So, no progress for wtc...
Wu-Tang Corp Admin Mark Mayoya

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