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Originally Posted by MenaceSkilledWitWiz View Post
wack dudes step to me hasty wit crumbled loose leaf
words on the tip of their tongues, drippin thru crooked teeth
they couldnt compete, i spat a few bars & imprisoned foes
couldnt reach the top on two feet so they tried tippy toes
they couldn't shine in pitch black like the rusty chain they sported
i captivate masses, flock em into rooms that are levels of fear sorted

nw: core

refuge sought/liberation from the clot/when death becomes Life/under the Bloodbought Banner/derails ya/train of thought/many fought/forefathers became martyrs/new generations of/sons and daughters/iniquity born/disfunctional/torn/between two worlds/left chosen/summer days become frozen/faith and hope/coincide/regardless of genocide/inside the apple of/the All Seeing Eye/staring @ transparent souls/and what you fighting for/the Fruit of the Spirit/I eat it down /to the core...

nw: consecration
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