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Suga Duga
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gods listen, the first rhyme of the devil's lips, doubts appear
swingin fatal, swords make my thoughts combine like enemies that hate em
you failed man, sights get clear, fear - as soon the world's mine
you'll realize failure, capital matches murder ya
change the styles, put guns on tables, escape generals that include heavy mental
skip the skits and get to real shit, dip enemies heads in blood of their chicks
verbal hunger, feed the mic with fatal grits, make decisions like a veteran
guess who's betta man? pride's feeling on your neck like who' s gettin it man
golden scriptures from the first time, write down these rhymes
kings rule, fall in masses, causin damage like puttin atomic glasses in your asses
pass that, ask why? he's the rhyme threat, hell courses take lands, make my decisions look like from an adept
every step watched by my tec, bullets ready like a bee in your neck
forget victories, step by and leave divine mixtures you see?

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