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Originally Posted by rynmur04
I'm not a Canes fan, but you can't say that most of the best NFL players are from Miami. Cowboys fan here!
I like ya already rynmur04!!! Go Cowboys!!

I am hoping McGAYhee will do well...same with Ricky Williams....they both have caught a lot of shit....deserved shit...but it would be nice to see them overcome that.

Although...I think it was Chapelle or someone...that was talking about how you dont give the "pressure" job to a stoner...stoners are bound to fail if they have too much pressure...I know from experience...hopefully Ricky doesnt go back to that "I wanna feel free" shit...but Miami needs him...stoned or not!! OH, and has anyone else ever though that Ricky may be gay? I have no problems with gay people...I just have always gotten that vibe from Ricky.
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