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Default Re: Things stolen from my car.

u know what, i dont know. what if it was solely up to the shooter to press charges or not?? that would be crazy if he took it as far it could go to press charges. the kid who got shot was only like 17, no matter what happens tho he wont get any jail time for breakin into the car unless he has priors. were fuckin leanient up here for first offenders as long as it aint too bad of a crime. a friend of mine, real close we grew up together since the age of 12 killed 2 of his passengers when he crashed into a undercover cop while drivin drunk and the only time he spent in jail was the friday he got arrested till he seen the judge on monday morning. i seen this thing on tv the other day "doin time" and the same thing happened to some dude in louisiana, drunk driver he killed a person, he got 7 years.
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