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Originally Posted by Tonearm_Terrorwrist View Post
right now at the moment we just don't have any players coming through, new zealand and south africa have alot more depth than we do, rugby union in this country at the moment is resigned to signing big name rugby league players on twice the money they get in league because no one is coming through the ranks in union - lote tuqiri, ryan cross (played for the rguby league team i support) clinton schifcofske, timana tahu next year, the currently suspended wendell sailor, then you got matt rogers and andrew walker who returned to league, we just go no one, we had a very ordinary game against wales, scored after the final whistle to sneak a 29-23 win over a "second string wales" so i'm looking forward to see how good they will be when they're full strength

out of interest ramesh, did u watch the super 14 final? fantastic finish, the last couple of finals have been average in my opinion, new zealand teams play the break down game, lots of stoppages, penalties, not much open play - which is quit the opposite to the all blacks - i'm lookin forward to tri nations, if we can beat AB's and south africa at home, and put in a respectable perfomance against both away, win or lose i'll be happy but i fear we will be embarrased at the world cup, hypotheticaly you would assume we make it out of our group, which means we play england or south africa, if we play south africa then it's world cup over
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