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Default Re: Who here is gonna Order the Tyson fight?

N what a lot of people forget that coz Tyson was famous and money was flowing in he never had a care about his financial status to check the "managers" to make sure shit was flowing right. He always said fuck worrying about that kinda stuff coz he could "sell out madison square garden masturbating". I have a photographic memo and remember that exact interview like it was yesterday. Plus Big Bad Tyson was actually the soundest mofo on the planet to his mates n shit. If he bought a car, hed buy a different colour too for whoever was with him. He was always importing cars for people, buying houses n shit. Pitty they never returned the favour eh?

But to be real, Tyson could have done things better. Managed money better, kept better company, not fell for that gold-diggin hoe's spell, etc; etc; etc; n thats why shits fucked up. Tyson only ever really loved boxing and the people he had genuine love for died when he was young when he needed their guidance the most. So that shits natural, that he was mentally fucked up. Rape, no chance. That bitch was full of it but Tysons credibility was already 6 feet deep thanks to the media who wanted Tyson to be labelled as the "baddest man on the planet". Its been a massive rollercoaster for the man but shit could brighten up still. Now he got a big weight off his chest he might still have time to be successful in other areas. Plus Deini, I read that about the guards tryna beef his ass. To my knowledge they never got to do it and instead beat the fuck outta him. I know Id die fightin that shit if I had to n Im sure Tyson would have as well. But sposedly he was treated good in prison n them guards got the sack soon after that attempted fuckin, bum rape. Lol. Anyhow. Aye...

1st timbs, you should get at the man. Class idea fae Deini. And I wouldnt worry too much about approaching him coz he already been fucked over every possible way anyhow. Plus he meant to be cool as fuck in person.


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