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Default Re: Eminem - Infinite

Originally Posted by Funk_Dock
i doubt his next cd will be anything special.....he went from infinite which was gr8, to marshall mathers, also gr8 not as good as infinite tho, to slim shady which was worse then the last 2 but still really good, then his decline started with the eminem show too many commercial joints

the last song i heard him rip according to date was probably the 8 mile soundtrack
Marshall Mathers L.P was out after Slim Shady L.P.
Eminems decline went...Never 2 far, Just dont give a fuck & guilty conscience, remember me & im back then it went shit with 8 mile and songs with his daughter. I dont wanna hear a 3 year old gir shouting my dad's crazy. Encore was crap, at least The Eminem SHow had Till I collapse, encore has nothing. Especially not that pop shit Just lose it, fuck that & his gay-ass 13 year old bitches who play his ringtones on buses and think theyre rebelling xos they like a gut who says fuck & shit & stuff. How many of the people that bought Encore had infinite. Id say 1% of them.
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