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Default Re: white ppl n hip hop

race is nothing more than a sociological phenomenon that has affected our society like a disease.
we've been so trained by the world and the media to think in terms of skin color, that now its second nature to all of us. not to mention the fact that stereotypes are ingrained, so much so that they are reinforced.
with that being said, i think 'white people' are seen as invaders of the culture, parrots who think what they see is cool and try to hop on the bandwagon. because of segregation and what not, it happens that a lot of these kids live in sheltered suburbs, and have really no concept of what hip hop truly is. they think its all thuggish bravado and wreckless sexual exploits, which they think is awesome, and so they try to copy it. thus, you have an influx of these kids who are in it only for the tough, gangster image, with no appreciation for what they are so blindly following. of course, this is a result of the industry's exploitation of hip hop, but thats another story.
i believe that's what comes to mind when one thinks of "white people" and hip hop...of course, this is barely half the truth, as there are many, many "white people", (like myself) and other skin colors, for that matter, that love hip-hop as an artform, as a thing of beauty when done correctly. and in the end, that's what hip hop should be seen as: a unifying culture that speaks to people of all backgrounds.
one should always remember...the mind & spirit have no skin color, & the mind & spirit make up our true essence, not our ephemeral physical frames.
"all your San Franciscos will eventually fall and burn again..." -Jack Kerouac-

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